Once upon a time there was a newborn dad who liked traveling with his baby. For the baby he had to carry an increasing number of items; diapers, changing mats, towels, wet wipes, spare clothes, baby food, feeding bottles, toys, books etc. Quite soon he realised there were no convenient bags on the market. ALL the diaper bags were designed for moms. Having worked in operational duty, he had a vision of what a properly equipped dad should carry every day. So he decided to develop a nursing bag for men, and mentioned this to his wife. The family business was established.

Luckily we found a Finnish company, who specialised in manufacturing professional bags. With our high standards and the best quality from our manufacturer, we can be sure the bags will last a lifetime.

In the backpack, already named as Dactical® Zero, we wanted to combine the best features of tactical backpacks and classical nursing bags. As the ideas developed we realized the backpack would delight not only dads but other kinds of people too: athletes with wet sportswear, businessmen with laptops, hikers and bikers with their essentials, not to mention moms with baby gear.

This is not the end. Thanks to our accessories there is a lot more to come.